Dating father your child

They just weren’t happy and didn’t really keep in contact after I was born. When she’s manic it’s hard to know what she’s going to say. My abandonment issues really hit when I was a teenager.

After I was born she had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t take care of me, so I lived with her grandparents until I was about 2. My mom and my stepfather took a break because they were fighting so much and I cried the entire time he was gone. Near the end of the time my parents had joint custody of me I had a stepdad.

If the adolescent has anxiety about safe dating, there can be worries on that score for the dating parent as well.If the adolescent is shy about being physically demonstrative it can be uncomfortable to see the parent acting in an affectionate way with a dating partner.If the adolescent is coming to terms with sexual feelings, it can feel awkward seeing a parent act those feelings out in an intimate relationship.BUT he doesn’t want to hear, talk to, see, or have anything to do with baby mother.In fact if she comes to drop off their kid, she HAS to go through his mom, or aunt or grandmother because they have 0 communication at this point. “Bruce Willis” This is the baby father who has his own life, and his sole focus is on being a good father to his children.

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