Dating ramayana

He also published on the interface of religion and politics, correlative cosmologies, the dark side of Buddhism, the reinvention of Hinduism, technical points of Indian and Chinese philosophies, various language policy issues, Maoism, the renewed relevance of Confucius in conservatism, the increasing Asian stamp on integrating world civilization, direct democracy, the defence of threatened freedoms, and the Belgian question.

Regarding religion, he combines human sympathy with substantive skepticism.

Enlarged image Zoomable high-resolution image Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions, dating back 3,000 years to the Indus Valley.

This posed a question, which Herodotus did not ask himself: if he had indeed travelled to “India”, which “India” was this?

For that matter, if he was “Greek”, which “Greece” did he live in? if Ram of the epic poem Ramayana was an “Indian”, where was this “India” situated?

History is said to be the original discipline in the faculties today known as humanities.

This is owing to the fact that every discipline in knowledge discourse has a history – even abstract disciplines like mathematics or astronomy – and every piece of history has a geophysical contextuality.

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