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A segment comes up in the document that is identical to one you have already translated but there are no Translation Results in the top window, no signs of autopropagation and no 100% matches. Before we look at some DOs and DON’Ts to troubleshoot the issue, you might like to read my post on How to translate your very first file in SDL Trados Studio. (Black font applies to Studio 2011; And a big don’t: Don’t confuse the Translation Memories window with the translation process itself.

The Translation Memories window (bottom left-hand corner on the Home screen) is where you open a TM to see what it contains and to carry out maintenance on it.

Now, for those who sill don't know what this mod does: it translates mods! That means: french people will have their game in french, but when subscribing to a mod containing units with english names, the names don't appear in the french game automatically.

You can choose to tag all the terms in the imported file, the terms that are new to the project, the obsolete terms (which are in the project but not in the imported file) and the terms with changed translations.If you chose to update a translation memory for the active document, your document is saved and closed.Hi guys, this is champ Loo and I am presenting a project that is inestimably valuable: the UPC Project.It is generally best to place all graphics and external files in folders inside the project folder, then you can send everything to the translator in a single package.If you move your graphics you will need to update the project search path so that Help Manual can find them. If you have separate source graphics, for example Impict IPP graphics containing editable text objects, remember to include those too, preferably in a separate folder.

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