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Global consumers will spend an average of 47.4 minutes a day viewing videos online this year, up from 39.6 minutes in 2016.This increase will be driven by a 35% increase in viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to 28.8 minutes a day, while viewing on fixed devices (desktop PCs, laptops and smart TVs) will rise by just 2% to 18.6 minutes a day.Clipchamp’s free video editor is built into the Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product.All editing features are designed for simplicity - no need for any IT or video editing skills to use them.Umbala is a location-based collaborative video channel platform, that lets users shoot & edit short videos in unique animation way, and post to location-based video channels like school, and local city.Photos and videos have become an integral part of the online social experience.This year’s edition covers 63 key markets, up from 57 last year.

Works in your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS.Crop frames of your video so that only a segment of the original video frame appears in the output video.Over the past 100 years, the means of production and distribution of television and movies have been firmly in the hands of a few very large and well-funded production studios and broadcast companies.In a new survey conducted by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, more than half of internet users post or share photos or videos online.Our latest data shows: The creator group is made up of those who have posted photos they have taken themselves (52% of internet users do so) and those who have posted videos they have taken themselves (26% of internet users).

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